SWAMPLAND the story

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The brain child of local artist Tony Daunt, Swampland oozed onto the Auckland Scene in 2012 . With a catchy blend of Swampy Rock ,Country and Punk roots. The band was active till early 2104 when guitarist Fred Smith left to move to Australia at which time the band went into a forced hiatus.In early 2018 by chance two old friends caught up again after nearly 35 years. Tony Daunt and Guitarist Rik Fisk first met at the age of 14 and were regularly jamming together until Tony moved schools.

Through the magic of facebook they were united once again to make music .At this time Chis Kemp the original Drummer decided it was time to move on and left the band leaving space for Sean Rundle an old band mate of Rik’s to join the band on drum . Sean quickly slotted in with long term bassist Jamie Vodanovich and the new line up was sealed.

With new people the band took a decided change with a new cut on the existing setlist. A more rocky edge came to the tracks widening the appeal to the existing following.